Cowboy Chute Out Cookies

Ever since he was a young kid growing up in Woodstown, New Jersey, Abe Morris has loved homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Sometime after graduating from the University of Wyoming in Laramie, he started baking them for his college roommates and himself on a regular basis.  Over a period of 30 years he has continually tweaked, experimented and adjusted the main ingredients in order to finally to come up with his own special recipe.  Abe has that special recipe down to a science now, and no one else knows his secrets.  Abe’s famous marquee products are chocolate chip cookies with or without pecans.  He uses only the finest quality ingredients as well as a strict attention to detail to produce his savory morsels.

About twenty-five years ago his very close Fort Collins, Colorado friend and racquetball partner Mike Bond (deceased) encouraged him to someday produce and mass market those delicious homemade cookies because there was something very tasty and unique about them.

Over the years Abe Morris has probably baked and given away over 1,000 of those gourmet cookies.  His closest friends, family members and co-workers chided and bombarded him until he finally gave in and officially launched his own business “Cowboy Chute Out Cookies” in the Spring of 2018. He is very grateful for all of the feedback from those who were relentless with their persuasion and encouragement.  “I honestly never thought this venture would be so overwhelming and successful. The taste of my homemade cookies speaks for itself.”

Morris’s market has followed a Western theme and the rodeo industry where he enjoyed a career as a professional bull rider and rodeo announcer.  He has very successfully marketed and sold his two autobiographies titled My Cowboy Hat Still Fits  and  Justin: A Father’s Fight for His Son  for a few years now. Although he is already a well-known professional rodeo cowboy and a writer, he hopes that his cookie business will far exceed anything that he has accomplished in the past.  People all over the world enjoy eating GOOD homemade baked products!

Morris is open to any financial investors who might approach him in the near future about taking this cookie business to the next level.  He still works a full-time government job.  Currently though he is a one person operation who bakes, packages, labels, markets, distributes and sells the cookies.  Abe hopes to parlay his small business venture into a large successful company that he can someday leave to his son Justin Morris to take over and handle the reins.